Advance Social Media Marketing

Advanced Social Media Marketing and Advertising

The 2 months advance social media marketing and advertising course consist of 8-10 classes. The advance social media course is based on Facebook and Instagram. This advance social media course include theory and practical classes.

  • Social Media concepts
  • Difference between social media marketing and advertising
  • What are the main aspects to cover in social media
  • Selecting the right platform for your brand
  • Concepts of social profiles, groups, communities, pages and market places
  • Difference between organic and paid concepts of social media
  • Importance of content in social media platforms
  • Reputation management
  • Key factors to observe while communicating with the customers
  • In what ways you can engage customers through social media
  • Social media impact on your business
  • Social media marketing penetration
  • Defining your target audience on social platforms
  • What are the types of content we can use on social platforms
  • What is the content calendar
  • What are the marketing concepts in social media
  • Building a sustainable social media strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing and ideas to make a brand viral
  • Social Media performance measurement
  • Understanding the Facebook advertising algorithms
  • Understanding Facebook Ads
  • Knowledge of different types of campaigns
  • Using particular campaign for advertising
  • What are the social media marketing funnels
  • Use of top funnel, mid funnel and bottom funnels
  • What is re-targeting and how to use it for better ROAS
  • Using lookalike audience to build more sales
  • Creating Ads and strategies
  • Use of conversion and sales campaigns and how to create them
  • Events manager and tracking
  • What is Facebook pixel and how it works
  • Using past data to increase ROAS
  • What is Ads reporting
  • Using Instagram Ads
  • Use of hashtags on Instagram
  • Niche marketing concepts on social media
  • Ad account settings
  • Creating business manager to advertise and manage your business on Facebook and Instagram
  • Ecommerce shops on social platforms
  • Creating different types of audiences for different brands
  • Using social media platforms to promote ecommerce
  • Creating the perfect strategy to promote your brand on social media
  • Reporting and strategizing of your brand’s performance

This is a 2 months course that consist of 10 classes which includes theory and practical both.

Fee of the Advance Social Media Marketing Course:

Admission Fee: Rs 2,000
Course Fee: Rs 40,000

To Register:

Contact: 0335-3979654, 0302-5767236, 021-34547101
WhatsApp: 0335-3979654