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Muhammad Kabir khan - digital marketer

The digital marketing and sales expert in Pakistan with over 19 years of experience. He is the first Pakistani to write a book on Digital Marketing, which got recognition worldwide and became the most selling digital marketing book in Pakistan in 2018-2019. With over 800 copies sold out, Muhammad Kabir Khan also became the first Pakistani digital marketer to get recognized by the print media of Pakistan. More than 45 newspapers published the news and press releases on his big achievement which was done for the youth of Pakistan. He has worked on more than 800 projects worldwide, which includes eCommerce store, classified website, brand, hospitality, travel, consultancy, education, organic food, fast food, clothing, fashion apparel, beauty, semi-government, information technology, blogging, legal consultancy, internet bundles, local and international brands. With more than 1400+ students, interns, Government officials, freelancers, colleagues, delegates, corporates and businessmen trained by him, he is always in a process of creating some new projects to create jobs. His own goal is to create more than 10,000+ jobs via digital marketing projects in Pakistan. 

Muhammad Kabir Khan is an MBA in Marketing and Advertising with the honor of getting "magna cum laude" certificate out of 300 students from his batch, his basic schooling includes O-Levels and A-Levels.

He is the co-founder of DigiDoze and runs his own software house in Pakistan by the name of Big Flag Media, he is an entrepreneur and a great career counselor. Students from all over Pakistan contact him via his own Facebook Page to get consultancy about their career and future goals. You can also learn from him via his own YouTube channel where he makes tutorial related to digital marketing tips and tricks, web development tutorials and he also makes these tutorials on request, you can send him a message on his Facebook Page.

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You can order his digital marketing book by clicking here. This digital marketing book can help you learning the concepts about digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization, social media advertising and marketing, Google webmaster, Google mybusiness, Google Analytics, Google Ads/PPC, Email marketing, content writing and marketing, digital reporting, digital strategies, how to be the best sales person and get clients, project ideas to earn money, benefits to media, social media safety, cyber-crime and its safety precautions in Pakistan.

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