"Conceptualizing Digital Marketing"

Muhammad Kabir Khan is the first Pakistani to write a book on "Digital Marketing" in Pakistan. This Book includes all basic to mid-high level knowledge of digital marketing for beginners and experienced people. It includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, Google ads, Google analytics, content writing, content marketing, email marketing, digital reporting, how to be a perfect salesman, it also has the cyber crime related issues and solutions, most importantly if you want to know how to save yourself from cyber attack or how to save yourself from social media then it is the perfect book for you, if you want to know about anti-money laundering act, you have all covered in this book, other than that, it has so many different ideas which you can initiate and start earning online from day one. If you are interested to order the first digital marketing book in Pakistan, you can fill the form below.

Conceptualizing Digital Marketing by Muhammad Kabir Khan
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