Advanced Google Ads

Advanced Google Ads

The Advanced Google Ads course details are mentioned below:

  • What is Google Ads?
  • How to use Google Ads for your business?
  • What are YouTube Ads? And how to create them?
  • Understanding YouTube advertising
  • Setting up Google Ads Account
  • Linking Google Ads with Google Analytics and other tools
  • What is CPC and CPM?
  • Usage of Google Ads in current competitive market
  • Creating Campaigns for Google Search Engine
  • Understanding different types of campaigns and their goals
  • Using best campaign to achieve your brand goals
  • Cost Controlling on Google Ads
  • Different Ad Groups for Categories Optimization
  • Dynamic Ads for Different Categories and How to use them?
  • Competitor’s Approach Measurement
  • Different types of Ads (Text based, Responsive, etc)
  • Different Types of Ads Extensions
  • Bidding Strategy to Optimize Budget
  • Targeting Right Audience
  • Targeting Location for the Right Audience
  • Types of Keywords and their usage
  • Keywords Selection for the Services
  • Keywords Optimization
  • What are Negative keywords
  • Negative Keywords Insertion to Stop Unwanted Traffic
  • Writing the Best Copy of Ads and Description
  • Demographics Strategy
  • Ad Scheduling to Optimize Budgett
  • Redirecting Traffic to Specific Product/Category
  • Lead Generation Promotion
  • Setting up billing methods
  • Advertiser’s verification and process
  • ECommerce & International Campaign Strategies
  • Understanding Google Ads policies to avoid getting suspensions
  • Keywords and Ads diagnosis
  • Retargeting audiences to get better ROAS
  • Creating business strategy to promote via Google Ads

This is a 2 months course that consist of 10 classes which includes theory and practical both.

Fee of the Advanced Google Ads Course:

Admission Fee: Rs 2,000
Course Fee: Rs 40,000

To Register:

Contact: 0335-3979654, 0302-5767236, 021-34547101
WhatsApp: 0335-3979654